Why CBD & Spas Make the Perfect Marriage

Why CBD & Spas Make the Perfect Marriage

If you haven’t jumped on the CBD massage train yet, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. As a leading CBD skincare brand, we can tell you why our spa partners, and their clients, keep coming back for more. Our high-quality CBD is derived from “industrial grade hemp,” which means that the plant contains 0% THC and is therefore non-psychoactive, making it legal in all 50 states. THC is an irrelevant compound that many companies put in their topicals, even though studies have found that it does not make topicals more effective. We pair our pure CBD with other naturally soothing botanicals to aid in the healing process. In addition, we have a patented formula that is water soluble, so that it penetrates to the source of pain faster than any other CBD product on the market. 

Every spa that carries our line of CBD products goes through training to learn how to best use them to serve their clientele. Our protocol is simple; when a client arrives for their service, the therapist first asks about any pain that the client might be feeling, and applies our powerful CBD Pain Cream to each location. The massage follows, using our CBD Infused Massage Oil to deepen relaxation and reduce any inflammation. The therapist may choose to use our CBD Body Butter instead, depending on the type of glide they prefer while performing their service, or they may apply the Body Butter after the massage. 


But why is CBD so beneficial? 

Our bodies naturally enhance the production of cannabinoids when we run, meditate and pray. Endocannabinoids are released by cells all over the body on an as-needed basis, and are especially concentrated in the central nervous and immune systems. These molecules help to calm neurons in the brain that are overactive and regulate the “back up” cells that go to fight infection or injury (resulting in inflammation), making sure they leave the area in a timely manner once healing has occurred. 

According to an Allure article, New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman stated, "Inflammation is the root of all evil..."  To explain why this is true, we took this passage from a Leafly article

“Inflammation is a natural protective reaction the immune system has in response to infection or physical damage. The purpose of inflammation is to remove pathogens (germs) or damaged tissue. The inflamed area is produced by fluid and immune cells moving into the area to do the dirty work and return things to homeostasis. It’s important that inflammation is limited to the location of damage and doesn’t persist longer than needed, which can cause harm.” 



But is it worth the extra money? 

Pain is often associated with negative emotions, which then translates to a powerful positive response once the pain is healed. This emotional response to a massage results in the client leaving even happier and more relaxed than they would with a typical treatment. This guarantees that they’ll come back again, and makes it very easy to send them home with a bottle from the spa’s boutique. 

CAUSE+MEDIC allows spas to create an additional stream of revenue in three major ways: 

First, by offering CBD upgrades into massage services. 

Second, by offering our products in-store, which provides retail revenue. 

Third, our gallon (backbar) size Massage Oil and Body Butter are available in an unscented option, so spas can offer additional essential oil and aromatherapy upgrades as well, allowing for an even more customized experience for the client.

Not only are our CBD products beneficial for clients and for a spa’s bottom line, but for the therapists as well.  


Ok, great, so why CAUSE+MEDIC?

Right now it’s the “Wild West” in the cannabis industry, with so many companies coming out with their own products that contain cannabis derivatives, and with so little regulation. It’s extremely important now, more than ever, to do the research before purchasing or using any products. Cannabis is an extremely absorptive plant, which means that even the smallest exposure to chemicals can result in toxicity in the product. CAUSE+MEDIC grows its own hemp on a farm in Tennessee. Using safe, organic farming practices are so important to us that we developed and all natural plant cleanser and cultivator called Plant Aid. Using all natural products, and keeping the plants away from harmful chemicals, allows us to ensure that there is nothing toxic in our products. 

We also manufacture and bottle our products in our own warehouse, manage fulfillment in-house, and personally train any spa that carries our product. Because we oversee and manage all the elements of our business, from farm to bottle, we can call ourselves a vertically integrated company.  We are so very proud to call ourselves a vertically integrated company. We truly are a farm to bottle company. Choosing to be a vertically integrated company allows us to truly live up to our company name. After all, CAUSE+MEDIC isn’t just a great pun. The CAUSE in our name means a great deal and drives our company ethos. 

CAUSE means we practice environmental responsibility. All of our products are paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free.  All of the materials we use are recyclable; from the bottles to our shipping boxes and all the way down to packing tape. We grow our own hemp following the highest of standards, using our own developed organic plant cleaner


CAUSE means responsible pricing for our spas and customers. We got into this business to help people; not to make as much money as we could as quickly as possible. For that reason, we vertically integrated so we could grow our own pricing. Even though we offer a luxury product, it’s not part of our ethos to mark up for no reason. 

CAUSE means corporate responsibly. We were one of the first American companies to partner with i=change, an organization that makes it simple to give back $1 with every sale while providing full transparency to our customers who shop with us. Simply select the non-profit that feels the most impactful to you upon checkout. 

Today, CAUSE+MEDIC  considers itself a luxury spa company, dedicated to developing the most effective skincare products using the healing properties of cannabis with other active botanical ingredients, to enhance skin health and radiance.

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