Spa Treatments and CBD – How do they work together?

Spa Treatments and CBD – How do they work together?

By Melissa Davis

Alma Bocanegra, Contributor

Blake Dockery, Contributor


When you’re at the spa and see the option of a CBD upgrade, doesn’t that sound amazing? Do you then wonder what that really means? As a luxury CBD skincare brand, we can tell you why our spa partners and their clients keep coming back for more. But first, it’s important to understand how CBD works within our own bodies.


We all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a molecular system the body uses to maintain equilibrium, or homeostasis. The ECS is comprised of two kinds of receptors: CB1, which is the spinal cord and central nervous system, and CB2, which is the immune system and inflammation response. The use of CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid system as a whole to decrease inflammation, reduce pain stimulation and promote homeostasis. When combined with a spa therapy, due to the synergistic effects on the musculoskeletal and endocannabinoid systems, it results in a calming sensation, thus allowing your mind and body to go into a deeper state of relaxation and maximizes the benefits of the treatment.



Will I get high?

Our CBD products contain zero THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis).

Our high-quality CBD is derived from industrial grade hemp, which means that the plant contains 0% THC and is therefore non-psychoactive, making it legal in all 50 states. If this is something that concerns you, be sure to ask your therapist questions and read labels.


How will this make my massage better? Let’s take a look!



The 2016 Olympics introduced “cupping” to the mainstream. The technique has become part of a recovery regimen for athletes as it increases blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. Our in-house massage therapist, Alma Bocanegra, practices a CBD cupping massage designed to improve circulation and flush out toxins. The technique differs from traditional cupping and starts with CAUSE+MEDIC CBD Infused Massage Oil, an aromatic blend of plant extracts and botanical ingredients combined with the healing power of CBD. The cups are positioned, then glided along the muscles and tissue, rather than leaving the cups in one place for a period of time. The idea is to create more of a detoxification by moving the cups and working with the lymph nodes, and ultimately draining the toxins. The addition of CBD infused massage oil affects the receptors in the brain that deal with coordination, movement, pain, emotions and mood, and creates a deep sense of relaxation.



The use of tools in massage is common practice and an excellent way to achieve a deep tissue massage. The addition of CBD increases the effects of the tools by assisting the muscles to relax in both the body and the brain. The therapist will begin with a spot treatment of CAUSE+MEDIC Hemp Pain Cream to areas of pain or inflammation. This will provide an initial cooling sensation and calm those areas, followed by our CBD Infused Massage Oil which provides the perfect glide and also a beautiful bouquet of aromatherapy.  Smooth bamboo sticks of various sizes hold heat and are used to manipulate massage in ways that are incapable with bare hands. Heat is instrumental for relaxing muscles as well as the mind, enabling a deeper rest throughout the session. Hot stones relax the surface muscles, allowing the therapist to get to the deeper muscles more efficiently and quickly. This wonderful combination of sticks used to knead the skin and stretch the facia, and stones placed strategically on the body, open the flow of energy and sends the recipient into a deep relaxation. The CBD infused oil delivers an overall calming outcome, providing optimal results.



Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medicine which uses a tool to repeatedly scrape the skin in one direction to stimulate blood flow and draw out toxins. The skin is scraped by a soft edged stone, horn or ceramic spoon to produce light bruising which is believed to release unhealthy elements from the injured area. It also produces blood flow and healing to the injury faster. Gua Sha is not only thought to heal muscle pain and injuries, but can also boost the immune system and aid with healing for colds, flu and fevers. Incorporating a CBD infused Gua Sha technique will deliver plant-based healing to the area of inflammation. Specifically, the micro-encapsulation delivery method of CAUSE+MEDIC products will go deep beneath the surface of the skin and distribute the healing properties to the targeted area. Spot treatments with our Hemp Pain Cream will cool and calm the light bruising and provide pain relief to tender areas.  



Clean beauty is on the forefront in many people’s minds and using products that are plant based, organically grown, and free of parabens makes a difference to consumers and their skin. Every CAUSE+MEDIC product can boast these claims as well as being vegan friendly and cruelty free. When getting a manicure or pedicure with CBD infused products, the recipient can expect clean beauty on the areas that need it most and are used the most: the hands and feet. We recommend starting with our CBD infused massage oil to knead the hands and feet and get out any tension. Our pain cream can be used for any areas of pain or soreness and also used to refresh the feet as it provides a cooling sensation. Our favorite part is the CBD Infused Healing Body Balm. This product has no odor and glides on like butter. It is a diverse product and works great as a cure-all for calluses, dried cuticles, and cracked hands and feet. The Healing Body Balm is also useful on scars, patchy skin and cuts – really any area that needs a bit of extra moisture and TLC. The final step of any good mani/pedi is the finishing touch of moisturizing. Our CBD infused body butter is a thick, non-greasy formula made from plant extracts and botanicals, designed to hydrate and freshen your skin. The CAUSE+MEDIC mani/pedi is sure to brighten your skin and your mindset with the healing powers of CBD.


Now that you know many of the benefits of CBD and how it can enhance your spa experience, don’t you owe it to yourself to give it a try? Ask your favorite therapist if he/she uses a CBD protocol. You can also use our CBD infused products at home routine by shopping here  


Photo credits: Zach Mahone, Desiree Johnson