Solventless Extraction - what it is and why it matters.

Solventless Extraction - what it is and why it matters.

From the beginning, CAUSE+MEDIC has been hyper-focused on creating products using only the highest quality ingredients. This also means using the highest quality extraction method in the hemp industry. All of our products are created using solventless CBD rosin. By applying heat and pressure to hemp flower on our farm, we are able to create a full-spectrum oil while retaining terpenes and essential cannabinoids. Due to this chemical-free process, rosin is one of the most sought after extraction methods in the CBD industry. We don’t use alcohol, ethanol or any chemicals in our extraction process. By exposing the flower to pressure, we preserve the terpenes, cannabinoids, fats and lipids for a naturally potent concentration of CBD in our rosin. This solventless process maintains every active ingredient within the plant, allowing you to experience the “entourage effect.”

Here is a quick breakdown of these CBD extraction methods...

Solventless extraction:

This ultra-pure extraction method uses only water, ice, heat, and very high pressures to extract the plant’s oils. The final product is a stable and pure full-spectrum CBD that is completely free of chlorophyll and other non-useful compounds. Most importantly, the final product remains 100% organic and free of any chemicals or solvents.

Solvent extraction:

Cannabinoids are alcohol-soluble and oil-soluble. In this method, solvents are used as carriers to draw out the cannabis plant’s precious oils. The resulting tincture can be used in vape pen cartridges and e-cigarettes. Some tinctures produced by this method can also be ingested. The final product can be rather impure, with 20% of the solvent being left behind. This wouldn’t be an issue if the solvent used is non-toxic like high-grade grain alcohol. However, in cheaper extraction methods, petroleum derivatives, butane, or hexane are used. These chemicals are neurotoxic and dangerous to one’s health, therefore, customers should be discerning when selecting tinctures and/or vapes.

Also, the solvent extraction process destroys the plant waxes of cannabis, which contains many of its other phytocannabinoids and nutrients. As discussed above, all of these cannabinoids work together to give the user the full “entourage effect”. There is no way to keep these health benefits intact using solvent extraction.

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