Inspiring Humans of C+M: Meet Master Violinist Coleman Smith

Inspiring Humans of C+M: Meet Master Violinist Coleman Smith

Each month we will be showcasing interesting humans who are certain to inspire you. They are people across the United States who believe in living a full life, doing what they love, and each feels strongly about the many benefits of using hemp and CBD products. We are so excited to introduce a loyal friend of CAUSE+MEDIC, who discovered our CBD Pain Cream while seeking pain relief from a spine injury. So without further ado, meet Coleman Smith! He is sure to inspire you with his love of the outdoors, trail running, music and his community. 

Name: Coleman Smith


Location: Colorado


Current Title: Master Violinist, Co-Founder & Fiddler for Rapidgrass 


Education: Degree in Music Performance & Pedagogy from Marywood University

C+M: Let’s start from the beginning. How did you get into music? And what is it about being a musician keeps you hooked?

CS: From a very early age on, I was always surrounded with different types of music. My mother, a dance instructor, had a very diverse background and did all her own choreography while I was listening closely by her side. This kept me immersed in a world of different styles of music.  When I happened to stumble upon a live fiddle contest during a trip to a local mall, my interest in music was solidified. My main inspiration with music is knowing that it truly is limitless. The history, evolution, and future of music is so vast that it is impossible for me alone to comprehend. Knowing this keeps me humble and hard working so I ensure that my place and purpose within the world of music is long lasting and worthwhile.

C+M: What business or career moves lead you to the role you're currently in?

CS: Having a well balanced career filled with travel, performances, and the responsibilities that business ownership brings, keeps my life both exciting and challenging.  

C+M: What else do you do when you're not playing music?

CS: I enjoy getting out and exploring new places. Being outside is the best therapy for the human spirit.

C+M: We hear music takes you across the globe; how do you keep your energy up and fight any physical discomfort that may come from traveling?

CS: I try to eat right and lead an active lifestyle while on the road. The easiest way for me to do this is to bring my running shoes with me everywhere I go.  A nice trail run is a perfect way to explore your surroundings and stay in shape for the traveling musician.

C+M: Can you tell us about your experiences as a trailrunner and how you found that passion?  

CS: I started to trail run in my early twenties as a way to explore the area where I was living and stay in shape.  It quickly piggy backed its way onto my work travel as well. I found that every new trail I ran only fed the desire to get back out and do it all over again.

C+M: What motivates you the most when it comes to music?

CS: Seeing music live is my biggest inspiration.  When you experience music live there is no way to know how or what will motivate you. Every situation is unique and can only be realized and processed on an individual level.


C+M: Do you have a muse or someone that inspires you?

CS: Anyone that is hard working, kind, and passionate about what they do.

C+M: As a professional musician and avid trail runner is there anything in particular that you use to combat joint/muscle pain?

CS: I used to go to Bikram yoga when I lived close to a studio in Fort Worth and I have tried just about every topical pain relief cream out there. Nothing seemed to give me reliable relief. Furthermore, I recently underwent spine surgery and while awaiting the procedure I experienced some adverse reactions to pharmaceutical medications. That experience caused me to lose faith in such products and I basically just dealt with the discomfort until I found CAUSE+MEDIC.

C+M: What are some differences you notice about your body when you are using CAUSE+MEDIC products?

CS: The biggest difference that I have noticed since I started using CAUSE+MEDIC is how versatile this product is. It works for almost every kind of pain I encounter. I use it on my surgical spot to alleviate stiffness and inflammation, any pain or discomfort brought on by a trail run, and most importantly I use it every day on my hands. Often times during long practice sessions or a high energy show my hands can fatigue and experience some discomfort.  The pain creams non-oily residue allows me to apply when needed and get right back to my instrument.


C+M: Which CAUSE+MEDIC product is your favorite and why?

CS: The CBD Pain Cream is by far my favorite CAUSE+MEDIC product. It penetrates and is absorbed into the skin faster than anything else I have used. It starts to work almost instantaneously and doesn’t have a super strong smell.

C+M: There are so many CBD infused products on the market - why do you choose CAUSE+MEDIC?

CS: I chose CAUSE+MEDIC because it was recommended to me by a fellow musician. I continue to use this product because it works.