Helpful Tips For Talking to Loved Ones About CBD

Helpful Tips For Talking to Loved Ones About CBD

Even though our world is evolving, there are a lot of stigmas surrounding CBD. We have found that there is a large demographic in need of our CBD Pain Cream, but are unaware of its existence, or are afraid of words like “hemp” or “cannabinoid”. We totally get it and you’re not alone in this thinking. In this article, we’re breaking down the myths and misconceptions of hemp, and sharing with you the plethora of benefits that come from using CBD, an extract of this incredible plant. Our intention with this blog post is to educate anyone curious about utilizing the medical benefits of CBD Pain Cream, but feel uninformed or misguided. We particularly want to help inform anyone who might be caring for aging parents or grandparents who would really benefit from the pain relief and the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD. So here are some helpful tips for talking to loved ones about CBD. Feel free to comment or contact us with any questions.

#1: Hit ‘em with the facts.


#2: Explain that you understand where their fears come from, they have been hearing about a very different monster for years. However, with science on our side, we have been able to create truly amazing medical products using the marijuana plant, without getting “high”. Here is an article on CBD laws and why the DEA has been unsuccessful in making it illegal.

#3: If your loved one is taking prescription medication, we highly recommend giving them these facts about how evil the opioid industry is. The side effects and addictive properties that go hand in hand with opioids are astonishing. Not to mention how expensive they are! Quality CBD pain relief like ours is not exactly “cheap” but it is way more affordable than pills over time. Here is a great article that gives more details on how CBD helps the body.


#4: Tell them: there are many different ways to ingest CBD (pills, tinctures, lotions, oils, chews, vape pens, etc.) and we can find the one that works for you. We think that our pain cream is the best possible introduction to the world of CBD pain relief because it is totally non-psychoactive. This means that there is zero “high” feeling when it’s applied. The cream only works where it is applied, which means it doesn’t affect the whole body like some creams and oils do. If you didn’t show someone the label, they wouldn’t even know there was CBD in it - except they’d feel awesome.

#5: Let your loved one know that you absolutely are not trying to force anything on to them. You just see that there is a problem and you would like to help them solve it. No one needs to live their life in pain, and we have a tried and true method that can help them.

Good luck to all of you out there - we hope this article helps!