5 Ways to Put Your Products to Work For You

5 Ways to Put Your Products to Work For You

The average woman spends 335 hours a year getting beautified with hair and makeup. So how many of those hours do you spend taking off the day? Most women dread the nightly routine of makeup removal, facial cleansing, and moisturizing/anti-aging treatments all before bedtime (especially after a glass *ahem* a bottle of wine). So is there a way to maximize this time you spend? Yes. We put together 5 ways that will not only cut your skincare routine in half but will also help you to reap all the benefits from your products. Because let's be honest.. It's hard to look THIS good.


Are you into organic or all natural products? Skincare is a dish best served COLD. Good products don't come cheap so take the first step in prolonging the life of your products, refrigeration. Try it out before bed so you can Netflix and your skin can CHILL.


Ever since the new wave of K-Beauty arrived, layering is the IT method to achieve optimum results from your products. Rule-of-thumb: layer from thinnest to thickest consistency, and wait for each layer to dry before applying the next. This may take a few extra minutes, but trust us it will be worth the wait! This will speed up your makeup application because you won't have to apply as much product. Less is more!


Don't forget about your neck and décolleté area! These areas are prone to skin damage and wrinkles. Speed things up by applying a little extra product so you will have enough for your face and neck.    


Makeup removal and cleansing are generally the most time consuming (and least fun) parts of your nightly regimen. Micellar water has turned this process into a breeze. It's a miracle formula that combines cleaning, makeup removal, and toning into ONE step. This should speed up your nightly process so you can get to the best part… sleep!


It's been a hard day's night so you want to make sure you using the right products for the right time of day. For instance, Vitamin C and antioxidants work better together when fighting the daylight so make sure to load up on these in the AM. Anti-aging starts when you go to sleep. Prep skin with retinol (for non-sensitive skin types only!) to combat wrinkles and aging then apply a serum/moisturizer layer combo like our Gateway Serum and Re:Dew Moisturizer to seal your skin's moisture barrier. Sensitive skin? Use an alpha hydroxy acid like a glycolic, lactic, or enzyme peel such as a papaya or cranberry mask instead of retinol. Sensitive or not, remember to always apply sunscreen in your daily routine! Working CBD skincare into your daily routine will encourage cell renewal, combat wrinkles, and be your all-around "go-to" for anti-aging regardless of your skin type or skin condition. Let's give credit where credit is due to the healing properties of cannabis and to the added botanical ingredients that create a powerhouse skincare line!

Obviously, the biggest time and money saver is to take care of your skin daily. Finding your perfect skincare regimen now rather than later will not only thwart the aging process but will keep you looking younger so you won't have to opt for more expensive products (or procedures.. EEEEK) down the road. +