If you’re reading this Father's Day Gift Ideas article, then you are probably lucky enough to have an awesome dad. In fact, you probably argue with people about who has the best dad (you of course)! The one thing we all agree on is that dads are nearly impossible to shop for. They have a tendency to buy themselves the things they want, leaving us very short gift lists. To make matters more difficult, they probably tell you not to spend money on them, and they always have cheesy lines like, “you’re the best gift I could ever get.” So not only do we have to find them something thoughtful, but also something they haven’t thought of, and something that’s affordable. Yikes. **Enter this article.** We're sharing 10 Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas that are meaningful.

For the Adventure Dad

CAUSE+MEDIC Hemp Pain Cream - If your dad is the kind of dad that goes for it, is always up for an adventure, and rarely backs down from a challenge, then trust us when we say, he needs our award-winning CBD Infused Pain Cream in his life. Shop it HERE


For the Athletic Dad

RAD Roller - If your dad loves to roll, shred, surf, run, bike, hike, or even golf, he's gonna love your RAD Father's Day gift this year. These rollers get every muscle, every locked-up knot, and each and every pain and ache in the neck, back or body. Shop RAD Rollers HERE!

For the Plant Dad...

plant aid for fathers day

Plant Aid - Does your dad have a green thumb? Or perhaps his thumbs need some help but he has the best intentions! If your dad loves to garden (whether's he's a plant whisperer or not) he is going to love Plant Aid, a non-toxic cleaner made using only ingredients Mother Nature provides created for safely cleaning plants and surfaces. Shop Plant Aid HERE

For the Musical Dad…

Coletrain Music Academy Lessons

Coletrain Music Academy Lessons - Has your old man always wanted to jam but never had the time to take lessons? Checkout Coletrain Music Academy! This super cool studio takes a new approach to music lessons and offers both private and group lessons in their Texas and Colorado locations, but they also offer Skype lessons for those who don't live in their area. They have students in France, Alaska, California and beyond! Learn more about Coletrain and their awesome Colorado Music Workshops HERE. 

For the Over-Worked Dad…

Denver Deep CBD Massage

CBD Massage - Now THIS is the mother of all massages. CBD is anti-inflammatory and naturally allows the body to heal itself. Combine these healing properties with anti-anxiety benefits and the endorphin dump that comes with the massage itself and you'll have one blissed out dad. Here's a list of some of our favorite spas that offer CBD Infused Massages. 

For the Wine Loving Dad…

Scout and Cellar

Scout & Cellar Wine Subscription - If your dad equally loves red and white, but sometimes prefers blush then he's going to love Scout & Cellar, the only wine club that curates and delivers clean-crafted wine. This means all the benefits of wine, sans the icky toxins that most times cause those dreaded headaches. Check it out HERE

For the Humanitarian Dad…

Here are a bunch of ideas if you think your dad would rather your money go toward a good cause (because he raised you right and you're proving it!) rather than him. 

For the Environmentalist Dad…

Here are even more ideas if you think your dad would rather your money go toward saving the planet and loving our Mother Earth rather than to him. 


For the Up-and-Coming Dad…

New Dad Father's Day Gift

Have some special news to give your dad and baby daddy? Check out these 72 unique pregnancy announcements from The Bump that are perfectly worthy of your news. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


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