Our Process

Every ingredient is consciously selected, responsibly sourced, and cruelty free. All preservatives are naturally derived and ensure the freshness and consistency of our products within their shelf life.

CBD Healing Body Balm

CBD Infused Massage Oil


Aloe Vera

Moisturizing, soothing, calming, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and healing botanical.

Argan Oil

Rare and luxurious, hydrating, nourishing, and easily absorbed. Contains tocopherols, phenols, and fatty acids which help maintain skin elasticity and limit the effects of environmental damage. 


One of nature's strongest antioxidants derived from sea algae.

Baobab Oil

An excellent moisturizer, protects skin from environmental stressors and free radical damage, promotes cell renewal and healing.

Carob Root Extract

Promotes cellular turnover, & helps repair skin damage.

Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower Seed Oil)

Locks moisture into the skin, improves skin texture, has the highest concentration of linoleic acid of any oil.

Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot Fruit Oil)

Known for its ability to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, also used to purify the skin.

Coconut Alkanes

Silicone derived from coconut to help the oil spread smoothly across the skin.

Coconut Oil

Moisturizes and serves as a protective layer to lock moisture into skin. Soothes inflammation and irritation. 


An emulsifier derived from coconut that conditions the skin.

Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

This stable form of Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant easily absorbed and used by the skin.

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower Seed Oil)

High in vitamin E and fatty acids, helps skin retain elasticity and suppleness.

Hemp Seed Oil

Deeply moisturizing with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritation and itchiness. Contains the perfect ratio of essential fatty acids, thus balancing the skin’s oil production. High in linoleic acid, keeping the skin supple. Naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. (Great for fighting acne!) 

Honeysuckle Extract

Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, & also works as a natural preservative. 

Hyaluronic Acid

A natural compound found that retains water and helps balance the skin's natural moisture. 

Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, increases bloodflow, increases collagen and elastin production.

Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine Oil)

A sensual oil known to relax the mind and body, also great for dry or dehydrated skin.

Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender Oil)

A natural analgesic effective in treating issues caused by oily skin, anti-inflammatory, the essential oil is known for its calming effect on the central nervous system.

Lentil Seed Extract

Stimulates collagen production to limit pore size.

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Oil)

Soothing, cooling, and refreshing. Stimulates circulation and is an antispasmodic for cramps.

Peony Root Extract

Plumps the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Rosa Eglantaria Seed Oil

Known for its healing and regenerative properties, soothes heals and moisturizes the skin.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Extremely high in essential fatty acids making it a power house against aging and wrinkles, able to penetrate even the driest skin, and heals/prevents future damage. 

Shea Butter Ethyl Esters

A natural fat, softening and hydrating.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Antioxidant that helps prevent oils and sebum from becoming rancid (a natural preservative).

Vitamin B5

Helps the skin maintain moisture balance. 

Vitamin E

A fat soluble antioxidant that promotes healing. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.